Hey there, sexual... xD

So. Let's see. I like food, I'm foreign, I love to dance.. All that crazy stuff. Hip Hop, Krump, B-boying, Tutting, heck even Popping and Locking. Aha. My favorite color's yellow, even though I wear dark colors a little bit more than I should, and I love anime. (I recommend Naruto, Bleach, Case Closed, Fruits Basket... y'know.)

I love the famm, and my wonderful friends. Much love to yall. <3 xD


how are 11 year olds in relationships and kissing and stuff when i cant even talk to the check out lady at target without stuttering

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im ok w spending $40 on food but wont buy a $40 shirt

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jonh green’s guide to parenting

you’re doing it right

john green is so cute asdklfg;d

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how is any of this considered blogging

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If Harry Potter movies were titled by the clothes he wear…


-Harry Potter and My Hogwarts Uniform.


-Harry Potter and I defeated the Basilisk with my Hogwarts Uniformimage

-Harry Potter and I met my godfather with a blue shirtimage

-Harry Potter and The red shirt I wear all the movieimage

-Harry Potter and I wear that blue shirt againimage

-Harry Potter and I wear that blue shirt againimage

-Harry Potter and I changed the blue shirt for the red oneimage

-Harry potter and I will confront my fate with my old blue shirt.image

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